What is the difference between a good gym trainer and a bad one?


When it come to selecting some of the great trainers of the bad one’s out there one question always comes to anyone. How to know them? Read on and find out their difference:

Signs of Good Gym Trainers:

Certification: A good trainer in India should be certified by K11 fitness Organisation or any such similar institutions. Having a certification says that the trainer has gone an extra mile to get himself educated in overall body fitness.

Clients first: A good trainer will talk about the goals that you want to achieve and will tailor a workout around that.

Walk the Talk: A trainer must look the part and must look ascetically good himself! Imaging a beer belly trainer giving you advice!!! These trainers have not disciplined themselves then how can you expect them to train you?

Training while keeping you Interested: Unlike a bad gym trainer a good trainer should make the workout fun and interesting. Workouts without fun can get boring after some time. He/She should have a great relationship with you but not at the cost of the end result.

A Planner: A good trainer comes to each workout with a plan written ahead of time even before you had stepped in the gym.

Motivator: A trainer should be smart enough to keep you motivated.

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