Why Challenges make you perfect?


Jhalak Dikhlaja! An Indian version of Dancing with the Stars! Those artists on the TV make dancing look so sexy….. I was always in awe when I saw them the way their body moved, poise, grace, attitude, and most importantly applause from the audience! Maybe this was the reason I decided to dance properly by joining an institute. Did I succeed? Read on to find out.

The Buildup:

Being the person I am I always craved for popularity and attention. I always wanted to dance BUT there was a teeny tiny problem. The problem was that I did not know to dance even though I thought I was dancing. WHAT! Yes you heard me right It cannot be called as a dance. So why would I want to burst my happy bubble of imagining myself to be a Bollywood star by learning something real? Keep reading to find out. (I love to build suspense. Comes from my Bollywood movie influence. I can be over dramatic at times 😀)

I am a typical social animal ready to dance at any time, any place, and any given occasion. Be it a family party or someone’s wedding or even a kid’s birthday party. Never left an opportunity to dance. Most of my friends and relatives thought I was drunk but I don’t drink. I look so happy while dancing that I may appear to be drunk to most of the people. hehehe

For people who do not know what a good dancer looks like they would admire me not that I am complaining I absolutely love them and believe me I have a huge fan following, but what I do is not dancing

One of the reasons why this might be true is because people could mirror themselves when I dance. I dance just like them. In Mumbai the place where I belong from in India these dance moves are called “Ganapaty Visarjan” dance in which no dance rules apply. This dance is usually done during the holy festive season of Ganesh Chaturti and people dance on the streets of Mumbai on the last day of Idol Immersion. On that day the entire city looks like big a disco club, Rich poor everyone’s alike. So you can call this dance as a every Mumbaikar’s (people living in Mumbai) dance. Normal rules of dance don’t apply in this form. You just have to let go and dance.

Fear of losing

So yes coming back to my story I wanted to dance, Dance like Hrithik Roshan (He is my dancing God. BROMANCE :D). No more untrained steps or no more just shaking of a hand and waving at others on the dance floor and calling it a dance, and no more just shouting and cheering people who dance. I wanted to dance well! And I wanted to do it soon! Well at this point in my life my wife played an important role. Joining a dance academy was actually not my idea, to begin with, this fine idea of joining the academy was suggested by my wife (Clearly she could see how much I wanted to do this).

So what more to think being the impulsive person I am I jumped at the idea and decided to join the Dance Academy. I ACTUALLY JOINED! I shopped for some new clothes, Got a pair of new sneakers and a matching track pant. (I was looking like Shahrukh Khan as Raj in Rab ne bana di Jodi… hahahah. If you haven’t seen the movie I would suggest you see it)

I still remember my first day I was super nervous, but strangely had a belief in myself that I can do this (I don’t know why I thought that way!). So my blind belief automatically made me overconfident with the unrealistic expectations that this would be a piece of cake for me. As in my mind, I was already John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever – Bee Gees “You Should Be Dancing”. Unfortunately, my dreams were shattered as soon as I entered the dance room!

My dance teacher was much younger to me and so were my other fellow dancers. When I entered they were already practicing. There was some time for my session to start so I sat down on the bench at the corner of the room observing what was going on. I was amazed at what I was looking for. They were faster, quicker, and very very very agile. I almost gave up the idea of dancing just by looking at them even thought of leaving the room quietly so that no one knows that I was ever here. But unfortunately, I was caught before I could leave.

I was asked to join the group to get into the formation and start practicing. I remember for the first 20 minutes it was amazing! Amazingly hopeless! Looked like my hands and my feet were not talking to each other and my expressions were as if I was in a lot of pain (No denying the fact that I was). I came back on that day completely shattered! Thinking to myself what have I got myself into. I cannot dance. With my huge physic of 6’1 tall and a big build, I simply cannot move fast enough. I thought to myself that it! I am not doing this anymore! I am going to QUIT! YES, I just quit.

As though I never went for my second session. I sat back relaxed and ordered a pizza. When my wife came home she inquired that why wasn’t I at the dance class? I made a foolish face announced very proudly that I quit! (Was a dumb thing to do). I could see disappointment running over her face as soon as I said this.

She did all the research, she spoke to her contacts, researched the best institute in the city, and found the best dance teacher for me. She did all this for me just because she saw that I really wanted to learn dance. She did all this for me and all I did was QUIT. She did not speak even a single word to me that day. She said “I did not think you would quit. You are not the same person as before” and walked away!

The moment she said that I realized what I had done. When I think of that moment of looking into her eyes it still hurts me. The most important person in the world has done something for me and I just quit without even giving it a try. I felt very very sad that day. I did realize my mistake and thought I am not a quitter. I need to overcome my fear of failing and need to do what I love doing “Dance”. Like someone has rightly said. Sometimes you need someone to whip your butt! To make you realize that unless you don’t do something, Success is not going to come walking to you. You have to put in that extra effort if you want to achieve anything in life and for now, Learning dance was something I wanted to achieve.

The Birth! Rising from the ashes!

I was on time for my next session. I remember failing so many times during the session that day, Not catching up with the other dancers, feeling short of breath, forgetting steps all the time. But I did not give up. My daily schedule was to work, dance and practice, practice, and practice more.

There were times when my legs were sore because they were not used to do so much physical activity. Dancing without a form is easy and fun but dancing with music and with a proper form is way too difficult. You have to remember which steps are coming next. If you miss a step the moment is gone and you create a dominos effect of disaster after that.

It requires concentration and practice and I knew what I had to do! Practice, practice, and more practice. But things went quite differently for me. The more I tried the more I failed. I was not able to pinpoint what I was doing wrong. I got so serious not getting a step that I used to turn red at times, Also frustration started creeping in now that why is everyone in my class are able to do this but not me? Why am I failing constantly?

The academy made an announcement that they were going to be conducting a mid-year dance competition. This is it! This was my chance to prove to myself that I can finish what I have started. I remembered that day coming to my house and practicing steps like for the past few weeks but still, I was not getting any better.

Suddenly I hear my wife saying “You gotta smile!”. I was on cloud 7 when I heard her voice. Normally she would do her chores when I practice but that day she came, she actually came to see me. I guess she must have heard by now that how frustrated I was. She continued “You have to smile when you dance. You have forgotten why are you dancing? You have to enjoy, I used to see the pure joy on your face when you used to dance earlier. When you say that people love to see u dance, it is not that you have a perfect posture or a perfect step. It’s your facial expression they see that in you and are happy to dance with you. If you enjoy the song you are listening to then you will enjoy dancing and steps would come naturally to you”

That was it! My knight in shining armor my wife! For the first time instead of concentrating on my steps, I actually sat down and listened to the song with my eyes closed. I was dancing mentally imagining myself dancing while listening to the fast-paced Bollywood music and that was it. If this section of my life would have been a movie then this was the turning point of the movie. I was dancing like never before! I did all the steps perfectly because for the first time I was smiling enjoying and singing while dancing.

This change was observed by my dance teacher as well as my fellow dancers they actually complimented me on my improved dance now. I also took part in the quarterly dance competition and danced on the stage in front of my family. Even though I did not win the competition but I was so proud of myself that I actually DID IT. I can dance now! From that day I have been dancing a lot. From the past few years, I choreograph and dance with my office colleagues in a group dance (That too is an exciting story in itself maybe for some other time)

The Conclusion. What I learned from my experience:

DO NOT be a quitter. Dare to do new things in your life. Learn to take up challenges and lose the fear of falling and losing. We get only one life that makes it exciting do not make it boring. Celebrate life and live it to the fullest. Enjoy what you do and do what you want to do without thinking of what someone would say about you. These experiences will make you a better person and if you fail you still have a tale to tell like the one I did. Curiosity has tremendous potential. Man is a curious animal he wants to explore and do new things in life. Just imagine if our great ancestors would not be curious by nature then we would probably be living in a jungle by now :D. So be curious and be adventurous. Because as Curious Anna always says.

“Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is simply TO DO IT! Take the leap of faith….” Did you have a similar experience like this? Curious Anna would love to hear from you and if you like reading my blogs kindly consider subscribing to my mailing post so that whenever I write something I can let you know. Love you guys. Until next time…

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