Struggles with Popularity Part 2….


Read about Part 1:

After mustering up the courage and finally deciding to take part in the college festivities. I went into the audition room. I saw our professions who literally did not know what art looked like were our judges. Thankfully to my advantage, I was a star for them. I was next in line to give my audition.

I chose a song from an album of my favorite singer back then. “Tanha Dil” sung by Shaan. I thought it would be pretty smart of me to select this song as no one would think of singing an album from the year 2000. Well, my excitement was short-lived.

The contestant just before me started singing the same SONG! And even more surprising: He got selected too!!! Now it was my turn to sing. I think you can associate with me on this one. A bunch of bored professors just staring at you after being tortured by all that ridiculous singing by other students.

I start singing my song. Before I could finish my first verse, I was told to STOP! WHAAAT… I am sure I sang pretty well. After practicing for hours just to get the song right, gargling with warm water and salt in the morning, listening to the song millions of times over my Walkman till my ears were sore. I was TOLD TO STOP! What the hell!!!

One of the professors spoke:

“Betaa, Ek competition main ek hi gaana hoga!!!” (Only one unique song for this competition). Apparently, they had some weird rule of having all different songs for the competition BUT it was not my fault that some other guy sang the song before me. I was shocked as I had practiced and perfected this song.

I was almost in tears then (Come-on I was very young then) but gulped it down as I saw a couple of girls from my class starring as my face was turning red now. I just went blank! Did not have a plan B.

The professor continued:

“See, now this song is gone. Sing another song so that we can select you. We hardly have any participants for this competition and we are sitting here since morning. So, if you have a second song then please sing or else you can go!!!”

Still frozen in time and not knowing what to do I just stood still. GOD, I was looking so stupid even heard a couple of giggles from across the hall. All of them just staring at me. What am I supposed to do?

It was at that point when I realized that how important can your past actions impact your current scenario. One of the professors actually sensed my dilemma.

He starts talking:

“Bhushan. You have a good base voice and the last participant for the day. Look. It’s been a long day for us too… So, can you sing the song “Yeh Tara Woh Tara from the movie Swades”?

I did not have an option then… With people staring, Professors staring and giggles getting stronger. I mustered up the courage, swallowed my spit, took a deep breath to fill my lungs with the remaining air. I sang! I first raga of the song… Aieehhh heeee!!!! With full power!!! With my closed eyes…….

The classroom went completely quiet. All professors were stumped! Giggles stopped and the girls were starring at me! I slowly opened my eyes to see what had happened…. Did I succeed? Or did I just make a fool of myself? Stay tuned for my next blog.

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