My Struggles with Popularity


College days are fun and I remember being one of the nerdiest chaps in the class. Not the smartest, not the sharpest, but yes would easily qualify as a bookworm. You must have heard of this line often, “College days are the best years of your life” and honestly, I would not agree less. Yes, indeed they are, but they are not that best if you are not very popular or when most people on campus don’t even know that you exist. Well, everything was going to change soon or in fact, I should say Singing was going to change my college life soon! Read on to find more.

I am NERDY and I know it!

I was one of those typical shy personalities in college. Hardly had any friends or a “girlfriend” either, but was best in what I did. The top performer of my class, always doing all my assignments on time, selected as a class representative a couple of times, always a first bencher (Can you believe that I acted as if I was in a school) and NEVER EVER bunked any of my lectures. Well, I was very popular in the teacher’s staff room but a complete loser in the eyes of other students.


As I said before The Nerdist Chap. A bookworm in every sense and YES! I looked like a bookworm with no physicality (Read: This is it! My tryst with amazing “Dumb bells”  to find out how I struggled to get fit), but I had one secret weapon that stayed by my side in good and bad times. Yes, you guessed it right Curiosity or I should say “Curious Anna” 😉.

Always curious to know what the other side of the coin looked like made me question why people around me are so happy while I am not? I had to solve this equation. (Was relating every problem to a theory then). So, the formula I came up with was A. QUESTION: To be happy and B. SOLUTION: To be found?  So, my theory then was QUESTION – SOLUTION = FACEBOOK! Simple, problem solved! Ha.

Facebook was just getting popular then and a hot topic as well. If you are on Facebook then you know everything and that’s where I wanted to be. I wanted to know the secret recipe for being happy.

Mr. Detective:

After creating my “COOL” profile on Facebook, I started adding all “POPULAR” people in the college on my list, like there was no tomorrow. (Security features of F.B was not that strong then, you could literally add anyone without their consent). I hardly even met these guys but who cares! I was getting what I wanted. I came to know then that most of these guys were either damn good looking which meant they got whatever they wanted or were taking part in Social Activities around the campus.

The Light.

After months of my covert operation, I finally concluded that to become popular I needed to be seen and not just seen anywhere, I had to be seen in front of the college in a way that people can remember me. So, what more can I do? And the answer was simple: Take part in the cultural activities of the college. So, when my college festival was announced, I jumped at the opportunity of taking part in it and guess what I choose. Singing. Yes! You heard me right I was going to SING! Did I succeed in becoming a known face in the college? Did I become a “dude” in the eyes of all my college friends? Well the singing day event in itself is a fun story and needs a blog of its own. Be sure to tune in to my blogs or even better subscribe to my mailing list and I will personally invite you to tell you that whether I actually succeeded. You do NOT want to miss what I went through when I finally made it to the stage. Until next time….

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