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Signs of Bad Gym Trainer

Good or Bad Trainer? My experience with one – Bad Gym Trainers BEWARE!

After months of training hard in the gym and spending those sweaty bad ass hours near those amazing dumbbells and observing other trainers, I was all set to take my fitness to the next level! Gym and Fitness are no stranger to me. In fact, they are my best trainers, but being the curious person that I am, I always want to try something new. So, after
getting all pumped and motivated with those fitness buff trainers on YouTube and admiring “Guruji” A.K.A Muscle Man/Maha Trainer/Beef cake Uncle in the gym, I thought I should have a body like him (come on I was 22 then).

Body builder

Just during all the admiration, right behind sticking to the muscle uncle, supporting him during squats was my knight in shining armor, who could help me get that “BOD”, The next Salman Khan. My to be “Personal Trainer” (P.T), Mr. J.K. (A.K.A. the Wizard Trainer).

Well……… I wished my story was as simple as this but this is the world of Curious Anna, Where NOTHING is normal. J.K. turned out to be not just bad but the worst trainer in the history of worst trainers where worse cannot be more worse! TONGUE TWISTER!!! Ha… and here’s why:

The start!

I created a black hole in my pocket by paying my Personal trainer a day before, after watching those Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky motivational movie series (Still a BIG fan). I arrived at the gym ready to workout GRRRR! J.K started with my fitness assessment. I could not come to the gym for around a month or so because of family commitments, but surprisingly my body fat had dropped half-percent since my last check. I felt pretty confident about myself thinking that my trainer is going to be in all praises for me. And then we started talking…

He asked me a little about my fitness background:

“Well, I haven’t been to a gym since last month…”

“Last month?” he asked, his brow furrowing in a bad way.

“Yes, but before that I was regular in the gym and also did yoga for at least five days a week”
J.K wasn’t pleased, but he moved on.

“Why aren’t you in the best shape of your life?” he asked.

I cleared my throat, contemplating my answer.

“I am in the best shape of my life. I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been, but I’m definitely the strongest. With the help of other trainers, I bench around 30 kg and my stamina has also improved remarkably. My shoulders and arms are getting stronger and more defined, and I just feel amazing.”

Is he understanding me?

My trainer’s expression looked confused as if I was talking Latin to him (No offence to Latin language)

“What’s keeping you from reaching your full potential? What are your weaknesses? Your Bad Spots?”

“I love to eat sweets, but limit myself, because diet is important if you want to get any results,” I said. “I try to eat right, and….” and before I could continue…

“Well, it sounds like your nutrition is not proper. So, stop whatever you are eating and hit the gym twice in a day. Carbs are bad for you, so start having 6 six eggs empty stomach for breakfast, 6 eggs during lunch, 6 eggs before your work out and 6 eggs for dinner. You can have cauliflower or any veggies in between that’s not important, totally optional have if you like. You are with the best TRAINER so don’t worry. But DO NOT FORGET to take 2 scoops of protein in a day. Protein is our friend. Protein will turn you into an amazing BEAST a badass and will make you powerful. The more you eat the faster you’ll grow”

I felt like I will be eating an entire poultry farm and before I could even say anything, the trainer changed his gears.

“Let’s look at your body fat percentage.”

He pulled out a chart buried under the pile of junk at the corner of the gym.

“Yours is here, and it is bad” he said, pointing to his chart’s section for above average.

“We want to get you here,” he said, indicating the “fit” range on his chart, “Understood from heeyaa to heeyaa (where did that accent come from!!!)”

The part that I did not understand!

“Now let’s get started and relax, you are training with the best trainer so let’s start with the warmup. Run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and I’ll be back as I have to meet this new client of mine and he will be training with you. Hope you don’t mind! You won’t even know he is there. As I told you before I am a very popular trainer in this gym”

I was shocked! My dreams were shattered! I thought the trainer robbed me off my hard-earned money. Did he just say that someone else would be training with me!!! Nevertheless, with some hope in my heart I started to warmup on the treadmill. 10-15-20 minutes passed and my trainer was not to seen anywhere, it was like he vanished like a genie….

Finally, he arrives after 40 minutes and starts laughing and ridiculing me for being on the treadmill for so long. What audacity! He said,

“Sir even a child would have gotten off after 20 minutes, but you continued” Giggles. I was red hot!

“But you said….” And before I could say anything he announced “Let’s Rumble dude” “WHAAT”!!

The torture begins!

For 30 minutes, J.K led me through a series of exercises that pushed my limits. Full pushups, to planks, to leg raises, several kettlebell exercises, more squats than I care to remember, and again few jumping jacks. (Why jumping jacks in the middle of the workout. Weird!)


Just halfway through the workout, I saw J.K checking his phone and himself in the mirror instead of checking my form, Wow! Simply AMAZING! and then there was the moment of truth! I knew in my heart that this would be the first and the last time I would workout with this
man! (Better to break up with a trainer sooner rather than later!)
That’s it…The entire ordeal was so bad that I could not take it anymore.

From giving me no instruction on kettlebells to asking me to go way too low in squats, then focusing on abs exercises in which I repeatedly told him that I was compromising my lower back by forcing it off the mat, I knew then and there that I had a blog post in the making.

I will continue my workouts in the gym, but I will definitely look for other fitness professionals for their suggestions who possess the knowledge and skills to help me integrate strength training into my routine. (Not all the trainers are bad; just I landed up with a bad one)


Currently not only my body, but also my mind is in the best shape of its life. Understanding that I will never have the 6 pack abs or go off T-shirt in public, achieving fitness is my goal and that is my only motive. Loving myself, and staying away from bad trainers like J.K who try to tear you down with promises of “making you HULK”—are fake and have no place in my life.

Body fat can be lowered by spending more time in the gym, restricting my diet or taking unnecessary amounts of protein BUT I don’t want to do either of those things. I DO NOT want to be a gym rat!
Eat right, exercise regularly, and be happy with the way I look is my current aim.

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