Gym Diet Plan for Muscle Gain & Weight Loss! Ultimate Nutrition Plan

Muscle Building Diet

Thinking of stepping into a gym or a gym diet plan for muscle gains? Read on and find out this ultimate plan for quick muscle gain and fat loss at the same time

This Indian diet is designed for beginners and intermediate levels who are looking to shed those extra kilos of weight, especially after a long gap.

Understanding Micro – Nutrients

Before understanding the perfect diet plan for Muscle Gain/Fat loss and for a person going to a gym. It becomes crucial that one understands the Macro Nutrients.

Micro Nutrients Break Down

The Above chart clearly explains the importance of Carbs and Protein in Muscle Building. The following diet is specifically designed to build more lean muscles as carbs are the primary source of strength.

Follow the following diet plan to the core for 3 months and get that lean muscle mass body that you always craved for.

This diet will also keep you away from those bad gym trainers who often suggest a diet plan which does not work. So without further ado let’s get down to the point.

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 1 (Breakfast)

MEAL 1 – Breakfast (8-9 AM) - Whole Nine Yards    
1 cup Oats Powder31010546
4 egg whites (or Whey)641600
1 spoon Boost49371
1 spoon Peanut Butter87337
½ cup Low Fat Yogurt (Curd)45361
Pinch Cinnamon0000
300ml water0000
3-4 ice cubes0000
Breakfast: Whole Nine Yards
Breakfast: Whole Nine Yards


  • Put one cup of dry oats in a mixer run it for 30 seconds. Oats powder is ready
  • Add water, egg whites liquid (or whey) to the oats powder in a mixer. Blend it for 10 secs
  • Add ice, peanut butter, yogurt, cinnamon. Run the mixer for 30 secs
  • Your Indian Muscle Mass Shake is ready


  • Whey Protein (Optional)
  • Multivitamin
  • BCAA (Optional)

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 2 (Snack)

MEAL 2 – Snack (10 - 11 AM) - Whole Nine Yards    
5 Egg whites and 1 Whole Egg1532615
1 cup roasted channa1777265
4-6 Biscuits2132405
1 Cup Ginger Tea12030


  • Boil 6 eggs, Eat 5 eggs without yolk, and 1 with the yolk. You can also make an omelette of them
  • Eat one cup dry roasted channa (Around 100 gms) – Preferably non-salted
  • Whole-wheat marigold biscuit (Plain)
  • Ginger Tea – Less sugar and Toned Milk

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 3 (Lunch)

MEAL 3 – Lunch (1-2 PM) - Whole Nine Yards    
5 Egg whites and 1 whole egg (scrambled)1532615
2 spoon onion4010
1 spoon tomato4010
2 spoon Bell Pepper4010
1 Handful Spinach8020
Pinch Salt/Pepper0000
1/2 Olive Oil63007
2 Chapati2518483
1 Orange or 1 Pear681160
Omlette: Whole Nine Yards
Omlette: Whole Nine Yards


  • Scramble 5 eggs in a pan (4 without yolk & 1 with yolk), add onion, tomato, bell pepper, spinach, salt/pepper for taste – Use less oil so a nonsticky pan is preferred ( Tip: Few days in a week you can have 120 gms of chicken or 2 cup beans/lentil, etc
  • 2 or 2.5 ( 2 roti + half roti) – Wheat Roti preferred

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 4 (Evening Snack)

MEAL 4 – Snack (4-5 PM) - Whole Nine Yards    
Paneer (200 gms)17313195
Wheat Bread - 3 Slice24312423
Peanut Butter - 1 tsp95447
1 or 1/2 Banana441100
1 Cup Coffee0000
Toast - Whole Nine Yards
Toast – Whole Nine Yards


  • Make a few slices of 150 g paneer add a pinch of salt and ketchup. Eat it. (Tip: Eat 5-6 eggs a few times a week instead of paneer)
  • Toast 3 wheat slices, add 1sp peanut butter, little jam, chop 1 banana in slices and put it between slices to make a sandwich (Tip: You can eat oatmeal instead of bread)
  • 1 Cup coffee with low sugar and milk (or black coffee without milk/sugar for maximum results)

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 5 (Post Workout)

MEAL 5 – Post Workout (7-8 PM) - Whole Nine Yards    
2 Scoop Whey (or 8-12 egg whites)2355023
1 tsp Boost66481.5
2sp Glucose - D or 2sp Gatorade1200300
1 Banana (or frozen banana)1041250
350 ml cold water0000
Protein Shake - Whole Nine Yards
Protein Shake – Whole Nine Yards


  • Add 300 ml water in a mixer/blender
  • Then add a banana (frozen for great taste), whey(or egg whites), boost and glucose – c
  • Mix all for 30 secs
  • Make sure this shake is taken within 30 mins of workout
  • Supplement Recommendations: Whey (Optional), Boost, Glucose – C or Gatorade, BCAA (Optional)

Muscle Building Gym Diet: Meal No 6 (Dinner)

MEAL 6 – Dinner (9-10 PM) - Whole Nine Yards    
1/2 Cup Kidney Beans695101
1/2 Cup Black Beans695101
1/2 Cup White Channe695101
2 Spoon Onion, Tomato0000
1sp Ginger Garlic0000
1/2 Spoon Olive Oil72008
Pinch of Salt/Pepper0000
2 Chapati2288404
3 egg white (boiled)481200
Dinner - Whole Nine Yards
Dinner – Whole Nine Yards


  • Boil Kidney beans, black beans and white channa in a cooker drain water and then add olive oil, spices, and other vegetables
  • 2 of 2.5 plain whole wheat roti.

With nutrition, you need a proper trainer too who can help you achieve your goals. But one has to be wary of bad gym trainers. Read this article of mine on 7 signs of bad gym trainers and see what led me to zero down to this.

My first experience with a bad gym trainer was worse! Read on why. Do let me know in the comment section is you had a similar experience. Until next time!

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