7 Signs of Bad Gym Trainers – Signs of a Personal Trainer that you should be wary!

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1. A Trainer who Body Shames to Motivate:

A gym trainer is called a trainer not only because they train you physically but mentally as well. His or her job is to train you to be mentally strong because fitness is directly related to the overall well-being of a person. It shows one’s mental toughness and a disciplined lifestyle.

Signs of Bad Gym or Personal Trainer

There are tons of ways in which a gym trainer can motivate you and body shaming is certainly not one of them. If a trainer is doing this he is not looking at your health in the long run but in fact, is just creating a low self-esteem image of yourself he is a bad gym trainer

Worse is when the trainer shows off his physique while working out with you in the gym. Drop such bad trainers and find a trainer who can help you to think more positively and constructively about yourself by keeping your physical and mental limitations in mind.

2. A Selling or a Supplement Suggesting Trainer:

Supplements are important but they are called “Supplements” for a reason. They supplement you along with other food sources. They fill that unprovided nutrition to your body which helps you to train hard in the gym. So, your nutrition should be given top priority and not supplementation alone. If a gym trainer is constantly after your life to purchase a particular brand of supplement or worse even tries to sell you one, start walking in the opposite direction from such bad gym trainers

There is no denying the fact that there are certified gym trainers out there. These trainers are qualified to prescribe you with a certain nutrition plan as per your body type and again no nutritionist will emphasize using supplements alone. Certified personnel will have a certification like GFFI Sports Nutritionist Certification.

You can trust these individuals. But yes, start running south when your gym trainer
gives a bad suggestion of having a shake or capsule and saying “You’ll be
ripped in a week by just popping these pills” Remember there are no shortcuts
to success, only a bad gym trainer would suggest you otherwise


You will find these gym trainer types in every gym. Powerlifters do not concentrate on their form but their only motivation is to build strength. Most of these trainers specifically specialize in powerlifting (Not like powerlifting does not have its own
advantages) But if your goal is to just build decent muscle size, or getting ripped,
then training like a power trainer is not going to help you target those muscle

Powerlifting and Bodybuilding are two different areas and they train
differently too. Unless you are not competing in a powerlifting competition or
just want to look huge start looking for other trainer options. Make sure you
ask their fitness plan before making them your trainer. If the trainer is not able to provide you with one then clearly he is a bad gym trainer

4. Only Promoting One Training Style Gym Trainer:

When you start feeling your trainer is only telling you to lift those heavy weights day in and day out, you might want to start looking for other options. A gym trainer should know all forms of workout options available out there like: Mass building and toning, HIIT, Yoga, Strength building regime, Agility, Toning, Cardiovascular, and so on.

A Bad gym trainer will only stick to one particular workout regime and will not be
able to help you to meet your personal goals. Doing the same kinds of exercises
will demotivate you in the long run. You will start losing interest soon and
then eventually will stop training because of a lack of results. So, say No to
such narrow-minded trainers

5. A No Plan Trainer:

A trainer should know what is he talking about. He should have a plan in place for every individual, as each person has a unique genetic makeup. Understanding why a person has come to the gym in the first place is a sign of a good trainer.

A bad gym trainer is the one who tells you to start running on the treadmill or just gives you something heavy to lift without a logical explanation is a bad trainer who does not possess the required knowledge himself. A good trainer is the one who will talk to you before each
exercise or each diet regime and explains the pros and cons of the plan.

6. A Spot Reduction Trainer:

“We will do more of ab crunches and those packs will be visible in a few weeks” is something which you might have heard often from gym trainers. They guarantee to reduce only your belly fat without reducing the overall fat percentage of the body. Hmm… Well if you hear these lines or anything close to this. Back away from such trainers.

Have you ever seen a chubby person who is plum all over but is owning washboard abs? Probably not, because such humans don’t exist and it is not humanly possible to
look like that.

Spot Reduction does not work

Remember the areas in your body which look fat are having muscles too! Shocked! Yes, you heard me right. Each one of us has those six-pack abs which are known as Rectus Abdominis. The only reason they are not visible is that a layer of fat has formed over them due to poor or no exercise or poor eating habits.

This can only be reduced when you lose overall fat and this happens all over the body! Not only on your lower belly or butt!! A good trainer will be able to guide you towards strengthening your core muscles and overall physique and which will make you look good aesthetically.

7. Promote Weight Loss Instead of Muscle Building Trainer:

A trainer who focuses only on reducing your weight rather than improving your muscle mass is an unknowledgeable bad trainer. A trainer should focus on reducing the fat percentage of the body and not just on reducing your weight. Remember it is not easy to gain muscles easily. I am not talking about going beefy. Muscles support your functionality. Muscles are high in maintenance. They demand nutrients and a proper regime of rest, eat, and sleep to be showing on the body.

This also means they require calories for stability. So, the more muscles you have, the more calories it is going to demand and the more calorie it eats up the faster your fat goes down because fat is fueled by calories. Building muscle strength is directly related to reducing the fat percentage of the body and without unnecessary fats, in your body, you will look more in shape and fit. Steer away from such bad gym trainers who are just concentrating on losing weight than reducing total body fat in your body.

Key Takeaways!

DO NOT do the same mistakes I did during my fitness journey of following whatever the trainer said. My goals were unrealistic, and I wanted to achieve them quickly.

Remember there are absolutely no shortcuts for hard work. Many of us misunderstand the notion of fitness. Fitness is not something that you can have by hiring those amazing trainers or get by spending huge amounts of money on yourself. It is a way of life. You DO NOT have to be in a gym or spend money on those expensive workout establishments.

No Short Cuts - Whole Nine Yards
No Short Cuts – Whole Nine Yards

Rather do what you enjoy doing. It can be a daily walk with your loved one or it can be doing yoga in your house (Clears your mind and soul) or a simple group exercise with your family or friends.

Options are unlimited; you just have to find a reason to be fit and make it fun at the same time. Fitness is not only about your body but about your general well-being and
most importantly about YOU. Make it a habit and it will be as easy as breathing.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is simply TO DO IT! Take the leap of faith….

Did you have a similar experience to mine? Do write in the comment section. I would love to hear from you. Also, read my experience with a bad gym trainer! Oh yes, I tried that too. Until next time… Adios!

Gym Trainers FAQ

When it come to selecting some of the great trainers of the bad one’s out there one question always comes to anyone. How to know them? Read on and find out their difference:

Signs of Good Gym Trainers:

Certification: A good trainer in India should be certified by K11 fitness Organisation or any such similar institutions. Having a certification says that the trainer has gone an extra mile to get himself educated in overall body fitness.

Clients first: A good trainer will talk about the goals that you want to achieve and will tailor a workout around that.

Walk the Talk: A trainer must look the part and must look ascetically good himself! Imaging a beer belly trainer giving you advice!!! These trainers have not disciplined themselves then how can you expect them to train you?

Training while keeping you Interested: Unlike a bad gym trainer a good trainer should make the workout fun and interesting. Workouts without fun can get boring after some time. He/She should have a great relationship with you but not at the cost of the end result.

A Planner: A good trainer comes to each workout with a plan written ahead of time even before you had stepped in the gym.

Motivator: A trainer should be smart enough to keep you motivated.

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Certifications play an important role when it comes to becoming a professional gym trainer. There are numerous institutions in India that provide such certifications. You can opt for one such certification from such a university.

Some of the internationally recognized certifications are:
NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine.
ACE – The American Council on Exercise.
FM – Fitness Mentors.
NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association.
ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine.
NESTA – National Exercise

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