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Welcome to the world of Whole Nine Yards!

Why Whole Nine Yards:

Hello Readers! Before I start talking about my page let me explain why Whole Nine Yards?? Well, the answer is simple, I was always very curious to know how the world functions and this curiosity let me to create this site.

The reason for creating Whole Nine Yards:

Before I go into details let me make this very clear. This site is NOT one of those motivational blogs or inspirational blogs which you might be looking for. I am a normal human with no supreme knowledge about life and it’s existence (I guess I have not attained my state of NIRVANA yet :P). Being guilty of reading all “inspirational blogs” and self “help blogs” blogs on the net I could not find a single blog which could be termed as the best blog to read about personal funny experiences, food and fitness, Indian festivals and traditions and more. This was one of the reasons why I decided to go ahead and create this site.

This site is intended to give you information on various topics under the sun. Our team is constantly working round the clock to provide more information to this site.

Bhushan Shetty - Founder of Whole Nine Yards